Issue 03 – April/May 2014

New Dungeon features in May’s update

April showers bring May flowers. There are two new features coming in the next game update on the 14th May 2014, which will make life easier for Wizards. Firstly, we’re introducing a team finder function to make it easier to find other players for Dungeons. Secondly, it will also be possible to continue playing Dungeons you have started at a later date.

Team Up!

Do you find it difficult finding a group of players to visit a Dungeon because not enough of your friends are online? With the new Team Up! function that problem has now been solved! Simply register for a Team Up! at your chosen Dungeon* and you’ll be teleported there together with some randomly selected Wizards (even from other spheres!). If you don’t like your team, you can leave the Dungeon at any time, and try again after 5 minutes.



Dear Wizard,

Welcome to issue #3! Spring has arrived, the world is awash with fresh colours, and Easter is just around the corner. In this issue we’ve got the results from the International Day of Awesomeness, as well as some event and shopping tips for you.

Happy reading!

Your Wizard101 Team

  • Sign up for a Team Up! by clicking the new button in the Dungeon entrance window (see picture).
  • After confirmation, a new window will open up showing the current status of the Team Up! If you close this window, you will leave the queue.
  • You will not be placed in a group together with players you are ignoring or who are ignoring you.
  • Note that your current group will be ignored by Team Up! If you want to play a Dungeon with your group, simply teleport to the group member who arrives at the Dungeon sigil first.

*The Team Up! function can be used with most Dungeons, but not all of them.

To the Dungeon and back again

Just imagine, you’ve nearly completed a Dungeon, and then you are defeated or something else comes up. Previously that meant gritting your teeth and starting all over again. No longer! After the update you’ll find a new symbol next to your compass. If you hover your mouse over it, you’ll see the name of the last Dungeon you played together with a countdown timer. This shows how much time you have left to return to the Dungeon (the symbol will only appear if it is a Dungeon you may return to). Click on the symbol to teleport straight to the Dungeon!

If you were playing a Dungeon with other Wizards and had to stop, you can also use this return feature. In this case, however, there won’t be a countdown. If your friends finish the Dungeon without you, you will receive a message and won’t be able to teleport back.

If you go straight to the entrance sigil of your last played Dungeon, you’ll have the chance to continue where you left off and jump straight in without any waiting around. If you start the Dungeon normally, you will start at the beginning and your progress will be lost. You will also lose the chance of continuing the Dungeon if you start a different one.

Show us your Castles!

Have you already discovered our Castle Tours? This feature lets you present your wizard home to other players without them having to teleport there. You can also look at and rate the castles of all participating players! Just pay a visit to Myrella Windspar in the Wizard City town centre. When you talk to her, you’ll have the following options:

  1. Visit Castle
    You can visit any castle that has been added in the last 24 hours, a random castle, a friend’s castle or one of the best rated castles.
  2. Add Castle
    To add one of your castles to the programme, select it and enter which category it belongs to: crazy, magical, decorated or maze. By adding the castle you agree to permit other players a visit to your castle over the next 30 days, at any time – independent of whether you are there or not.
  3. Remove Castle
    Here you can remove a castle you added for the Castle Tour programme.

When you visit a castle you can also rate it! However, this only applies to the castles from the ‘New Today’ and ‘Random’ categories. You can hand out one to four stars as a rating. Rated castles will then be listed in the rankings. The top rated castles can be visited at any time.

Easter in the Spiral

Eggbert, our Easter vendor, is looking forward to seeing you in the Shopping District of Wizard City until the 22nd of April! Check out the festive wands that he has on offer especially for the occasion: adorned with bunny ears, Easter eggs and cute chicks. Don’t forget to get Pet Egg, the sweet Easter pet.

And in the Crown Shop, you’ll find both the Bunny Costume and the Stonehopper mount!

Fairy Week

Their wings shimmer in enchanting colours and their magical powers are legendary: fairies!


We’re dedicating an entire week (20th-26th May) to these delicate creatures. The Crown Shop will be bursting with fairy fun of all kinds. What will there be exactly? That’s a surprise!

Celebrate fêtes: Life

Listen up Life Wizards! Your school is celebrating its big school fête from the 9th to 15th June.


You can find out all about which events are planned in the Wizard101 forum and on Facebook.

Don’t forget to browse the Crown Shop, because we’ll have some great lively offers on, just in time for the fête!

Day of Awesomeness: Results

It was International Day of Awesomeness on the 10th March. We called on all fashion-conscious young Wizards to gather in Wizard City’s centre and show off their attire. Since then more than 130 screenshots have been viewed and rated.

Here are the winners:


You’ll find more pictures and information about the prizes in the forum.

Gamma’s Tip

Your opponents are too strong for you and your friends aren’t online right now? Then get yourself a henchman! For just a couple of Crowns you can conjure up a companion who’ll fight by your side for a whole battle. To do so, simply open the Crown Shop during a duel and pick a suitable option in the ‘Henchman’ category. Unfortunately you will still have to carry out player versus player duels without any help.

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New goods in the Crown Shop!

falmeaDiscover enchanting new items in our Crown Shop. Browse Merle's tips to find out more about the special items that we have on offer for you.

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Where’s there’s a myth, there is truth

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Where’s there’s a myth, there is truth

The Myth School is celebrating their big school fête from the 24th to the 31st of March - join in on the fun! You can find out all about which events we have in store for you in the Wizard101 forum. Don't forget to browse the Crown Shop: we've got new goods on offer, just in time for the fête!

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Spring awakening in the Spiral


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Spring awakening in the Spiral

Spring is in the air and one of its first harbingers is Pat O'Gold. She will be at Wizard City's Shopping District from 14 to 21 March, selling the cute Lucky Leprechaun or the inexpensive Shamrock and Harp Wands. Out with the old and in with the brand new! Let our spring themed items put some Spring in your step.

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Plant a Flower Day


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