Foreign exchange – journey through the Spiral on a budget!

We have exciting news for you: some foreign exchange students are visiting! Sadly, they keep getting lost. Would you help them find their way back to the Ravenwood School?

To make the search a bit easier, we’re granting you a travel pass: From Tuesday onwards, for a period of two weeks, you’ll be able to unlock permanently all of Wizard City and Krokotopia for free!

How does it work?

Every weekday for two weeks, a mystery exchange student will be playing hide-and-seek with you. Be one of the first three to find them and tell them the secret code word, get a code word in response and send it via PM to our administrator.

So watch out! Between 3:30 pm and 6:00 pm UK time, a foreign student will be lost somewhere in Wizard City or Krokotopia!  Every day a new place, and a new secret phrase.
What phrase? Check our moderated message boards here – the code word will be published around 15.30!

Find our Foreign Exchange students and win cool prizes:

  • Be one of the first three to find them and you’ll win a prize!
  • Win three prizes and you’ll also receive a coupon worth 10 Euros!
  • If you are among the first three to find our exchange students every time they’re hiding – that’s ten times! – you’ll win our grand prize of your own private Castle!

Have a magical research trip!
Your  Wizard101-Team

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